10 Best Water Purifiers of June 2024


Water is an essential requirement for our life to drink, cook, shower or many other things and finding clean & safe water to drink is quite difficult. To fulfill our necessity of clean & healthy water we must install a water purifier also called ‘’RO’’ in our household. Water purifier is the most essential appliance that ensures clean & bacteria free drinking water. It also removes harmful particles and maintains healthy minerals in the water. There are many types of RO water purifiers available in the market with different design, purification techniques & storage capacity. Some come with 1 or 2 but some of them come with multi-stage purification technology including “RO+UV+MTDS’’ which makes them an ideal choice to have in our kitchen. 

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process that isolates ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water by using a kind of membrane, it’s most important part of a water purifier. UV (Ultraviolet) lights are helpful in killing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts without removing essential minerals from water to make them safe for drinking. Manual TDS control system (MTDS) allows the adjustment of tds level of purified water which retains essential natural minerals in drinking water. There are many options of RO Water purifiers available with various built quality, kind of filtration system, multiple storage capacity & price ranges. To find the best choice for you BestBaba’s expert team has listed the top 10 handpicked water purifiers available online on the basis of BestBaba’s experts team analysis, thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



MULTI-STAGE PURIFICATION: There are different types of filtration systems that come in a water purifier. We must look for multi stage purification such as RO+UV+MTDS all in one which will reduce dissolved impurities, bacteria & cysts and retain essential minerals as well.

CARTRIDGE LIFE: We must look for long lasting cartridge life which is measured in max liters water that can  be filtered per cartridge, It will reduce annual maintenance cost.

STORAGE: Inbuilt water tank capacity is another important fact that must be chosen according to our family size and our needs. It comes in various ranges between 7 liters to 15 liters. 

INSTALLATION & SERVICES: After sale free installation, customer service & maintenance support provided by the company is a decisive fact that must be considered before buying.

SMART ENERGY SAVING: There should be a sensor to shut off power once the water tank is full that can reduce overall power consumption & and save energy.




Eureka Forbes Aquasure by aquaguard water purifiers come with multi-stage water filtration systems that ensure purest drinkable water. It’s RO+UV+MTDS filtration technology ensures good health & safety as water boils for 20 minutes. Taste Adjuster (MTDS) regulator empowers change of taste contingent on the wellspring of water. It saves up to 60% water during purification with it’s superior technology. It comes with 7 liters of water storage capacity and allows us to dispense filtered water even without electricity. It also has LED indication alerts which allow power cuts automatically when the tank is full. It has a transparent tank that allows us to check water levels easily.


Kent is a big name in the field of water purifier making brands. It has Multiple purification systems like RO+UV+UF+Copper+ TDS Control which removes even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides & fluorides, and kills bacteria and viruses to make water purest with the goodness of copper. It has an 8 liter water tank with 20 liters water purification per hour capacity. It comes with zero water wastage technology which recirculates the rejected water to the overhead tank using its own pump and ensures that no drop of water is wasted during the purification process.


V-Guard water purifier has a 7 stage water filtration system made for Indian water conditions. It comes with free external pre-filter, one year comprehensive warranty that covers RO membrane, filters and electrical parts. It has a 7 liters water capacity tank. It has advanced RO membrane with wide surface area for better water flow & higher efficiency and advanced hollow fiber UF membrane that removes TDS, heavy metals & microbes and provides extra level of safety. 


Yes, RO removes harmful particles such as lead, mercury, fluoride, chlorine from water that can cause illness to the human body and ensures bacteria free drinking water. But it has some side effects as well because it also removes negligible amounts of calcium & natural minerals from water which are needed by the human body. So that we need a TDS controller in a RO to maintain water quality.


RO filtration is better than UV when it comes to removing pollutants from water but UV filtration is better for water with a low TDS. RO removes harmful particles where UV kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts without damaging minerals in water. We should look for multi-stage RO + UV + TDS purification systems for best experience.


RO treats water by removing toxic metal wastes with the help of a membrane filter where boiling water kills all gems such as bacteria, virus & cyst. Vitamins and minerals are absolutely safe with boiling water so if there is low TDS water available in our household we can consider boiling water.

To reduce TDS from water a RO filtration is the best solution. It can filter the smallest particles, even 0.0001 micron from water, by forcing water through a membrane with microscopic pores. 

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