10 Best Vacuum Cleaners of June 2024


Love it or hate it - cleaning our house is an essential task for a hygienic and better lifestyle. Alongside our bustling lives, brimming with work and moral obligations, it's truly hard to clean the house in an old school way. In these types of situations, Vacuum cleaners turn out to be extremely helpful. 

A vacuum cleaner is an appliance that attracts even tiny particles, soil from floors,  curtains, and different surfaces. It is electrically operated and is used to collect dust and soil inside the bag attached within & later to be disposed off. Vacuum cleaner additionally makes cleaning easier under and around furniture, and with its long adaptable hose it makes cleaning a stairwell less complex . Various nozzles can be attached to the attraction hose for simple vacuuming - even in bound spaces.

BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted 10 best vacuum cleaners available in India by considering multiple factors such as customers feedback, reviews ratings & its pricing.



TypesWhile looking for a Vacuum cleaner we should make sure which type of vacuum cleaner is needed according to our homes. There are mainly two types of Vacuum cleaners available named as the “wet and dry type”, along with bag & bagless options as well. Vacuum Cleaners with the bags need to throw dust from time to time as bags get filled & bagless have transparent bins which need time to time replacement. 

Cord or Cordless - Cord connected vacuum cleaners are more powerful in comparison to the cordless. Cordless are battery operated hence they are handy and useful for small houses as well but cordless ones are less powerful than cord connected vacuum cleaners. 

Included Components : Nose length varies from product to product, vacuum cleaners with the longer nose are always better ones. We should prefer to buy ones which have removable handles. It must include multiple numbers of suction tubes for different types of cleaning. We should also check what additional features are provided.

Power & Suction capacity: Depending on the cleaning capacity power consumption varies from 1000 watts to 2000 watts. Higher suction power gives you better cleaning with less effort.

Other Features : We should check the capacity of bags according to our household, if we need the bigger capacity or smaller ones. Castle wheel should be 360 degree rotatable, the hose pipe and handle should be properly foldable. We should always check the warranty and after sale services provided by the company.



Inalsa Vacuum cleaner tops our list as it has 3 in 1 multifunction cleaning as wet cleaning, dry cleaning and blowing. It has a suction power of 14 KPA . This flexible vacuum cleaner delivers squeaky clean floors without causing you any strain. It assists you arriving at the most difficult areas like alcoves and corners of your home. Alongwith the great features of a large operating system, it has multiple accessories and an easy “lock and unlock” system. It has great customer feedback and reviews and comes with an affordable price of 4.2K.


Amazon basics wet and dry Vacuum cleaner ranked second as it comes with the powerful and effective suction along with the moping and dry cleaning. It has an easy moment and cleaning with 360 degree rotation. AmazonBasics Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners have a blower function and multiple accessories for versatile cleaning. 


Karcher's vacuum cleaner is one of our top ranked Vacuum cleaners as it provides powerful cleaning with its space saving design. It has a special cartridge filter and it goes very easily in every corner of the house. It is available within the budget of 6-9 K.


Depending on the requirement and need, the best for you may vary, but considering all the features and budget we have given the best 10 vacuum cleaners in India.

The longer the run time, the more efficient the product is. It comes in average runtime from 60 to 120 mins. 

Yes, vacuum cleaner can be used on tiles although tiles are comparatively easy to clean.

As we prefer vacuum cleaners for easy and less time cuming cleaning, but at least twice a week we should vacuum the house.

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