10 Best Tripods of May 2024


As it is well known that these are the days of vlogging, photography, videography and creating content on the internet. A tripod is a very simple tool to keep your cameras or phones steady even when you use them in challenging light conditions. There are so many different questions that come into mind when choosing a tripod i.e; How tall should it be? How light should it be? How stable should it be? What kind of weight can it support? How much should I spend on a tripod?

The best tripod can help in raising your performance  when it comes to producing quality photography and video. But choosing the best one among multiple options available in the market can be a daunting task for you. So, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 tripod stands with best features, available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback & ratings.



WEIGHT: Always choose the tripods which are lightweight because this feature makes them portable and lightweight tripods can be stored anywhere very easily. 

HEIGHT & LEGS: There must be adjustable height. Your tripod’s legs should have the option of adjusting their height as per your need and feet should be made of rubber that ensures stability on different surfaces . You can choose your tripod’s maximum height as per your requirements. Cameras with bigger lenses you should go for the 60-inch tripod.

HEAD: Always look for the 3-way head that allows for tilt and swivel motion with portrait or landscape options. 

MAXIMUM LOAD: Always try to look for those tripods which can carry the maximum load of your camera or phone.

LOCKING STYLE: Prefer to go for the lever-lock legs as levers securely lock the legs into place and release smoothly for easy gliding to the desired height. 

OTHER FEATURES: Quick-release plate helps ensure fast transitions between shots. if you take your shots by using a camera as well as your mobile then don’t forget to check for mobile holders and you can prefer to buy those tripods which come with a zippered bag for storage purposes. 




This lightweight tripod is perfect for most cameras up to 6.6 pounds. Setup is quick and easy. The included bag makes storage and transport a snap.

The tripod’s legs can extend from 20” to 48”. Leg locks release smoothly and glide easily to your desired height. You can crank up the centre post for a tripod that is 60” tall. The built-in level above the legs lets you know when the base is level. Another on the top of the camera plate lets you know when the camera is level. The rubber feet adjust to help you achieve the perfect position.


This tripod's three-way head allows for ultimate versatility. The Tygot tripod can easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape--and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion. This tripod also allows for full panoramic possibilities with its 360-degree swivel function. This is a 100% Brand new with excellent quality, phone bracket is automatic elastic, stretch can clip 5.4-8.8cm width. Phone bracket is adjustable and lightweight, easy to use and carry with. This tripod is equipped with a level tester, which can detect and adjust the horizontal position of it. These come with section legs, extendable legs and user friendly features.When the ground is not level, you can recognize it immediately and adjust the tripod leg to keep level.


You can get yourself a good tripod within a budget of 1000 -5000 INR. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with bag Is available for as low as 749 INR.

A tripod height should be tall enough to hold your camera steady at your eye level. Tripods with 60 inches are tall enough unless you're shooting on a hill, you want to take a higher perspective, or you have objects at eye level that are blocking your view.

A tripod can be  the most stable camera support, but tends to be bulky and can slow down your movement. A monopod isn't as stable as a tripod, but it can restrict your movement much less than a tripod. If you need to be mobile, a monopod is the best choice for you.

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