10 Best Strollers & Prams of April 2024


If you are a parent of a small kid and you want to do all the work with your baby, then you will need a good baby stroller or prams. Whether you are going for a walk in the park or going out to the mall for shopping, it can help you take your child along. Baby strollers or prams have a well-padded space to lie down in which babies can sit or sleep. Generally, It comes with 4 wheels, with the help of which you can easily take it anywhere. There are belts on the padded place which protect your child from falling. Good baby strollers or prams have umbrellas that slide back and forth to protect babies from the sunlight. It has built-in storage in which you can keep the important items for the child's use. Baby strollers or prams are foldable, which you can fold and keep anywhere.

There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing strollers & prams so that you get the best one. To help you get the best ones, the experts team of BestBaba has shortlisted the best 10 strollers & prams available online on the basis of customers’ reviews, ratings, and feedback.



FOLDING: While buying baby strollers or prams, make sure that they are easy to fold and open because when you have to lift the stroller and fold it on its own while holding the baby, it will be easier for packing.
WHEELS: The wheels of a good baby stroller or pram should be strong and manoeuvrable. Its wheels should be large in size so that it can easily cross the potholes made on the roads and it should have brakes so that it can be stopped in one place.
STORAGE: The availability of storage in baby strollers or prams is must as you will be carrying everything your baby will use when you are on the move, which will need storage to keep it.

SAFETY & COMFORT: For the safety of the baby, there should be belts that keep the baby's waist, legs, and hips in one place easily. In this, the children's seating area should be soft and padded so that the child can sit and sleep comfortably.
SEAT ADJUSTMENT: The seats of strollers and prams should be adjustable to adjust the sleeping position when the child is sleeping and to adjust the standing position when the child wants to sit.




It gives you superior build quality and comes with 5 types of safety belts available to hold your baby's waist, legs, hips, and shoulders very comfortably so that the baby stays in one place for a long period of time. It can lift the maximum weight of children up to 15kg. There are brakes on both the front wheels, with the help of which the stroller can be stopped in one place. Its handlebar can be folded both forward and backward. It has 3 positions of seat adjustment. In this, you get a storage basket and an umbrella is made on the top to protect the child from the sun.


From safety to design, from quality to easy operation, everything has been taken care of at Lollipop Lite. It also has a good suspension with 6.5-inch wheels that help your child avoid potholes while walking. Its reversible handle rotates both forward and backward. You can adjust the seat recline in 3 positions and provide the most comfortable ride for your child. In this, you get a huge storage basket in which you can keep the items for your child's use. Its seats are soft and padded.


Yes, a stroller or pram is safe for your kids as it has safety belts that prevent your baby from falling and its padded seats provide a comfortable ride to your baby.

From newborn to 15kg weight, babies can sit in strollers or prams.

The starting price of good and better strollers or prams can range from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000. It depends on the features of the strollers. 

Most strollers come with removable and machine-washable seats that you can take out and wash in the machine, and if the stroller is foldable, you can easily carry it wherever you go.

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