10 Best Sofa Cum Beds of June 2024


In a world full of smart ideas and choices in everything, why not make smart choices for home furnitures too? Well, things are now set to change with the introduction of sofa cum beds or foldable sofa beds. Yes of course, sofa cum beds can be the perfect addition to your smart home. A sofa cum bed is a sofa that can be converted and used as a bed by using different mechanisms, usually enabled by a hinge mechanism that makes it easy to split the sofa into a bed frame. You can use this furniture as a bed or sofa as per your requirements. The sofa cum bed makes smart and perfect usage of space. You can put in rooms that are small but in that space you need both a sofa and a mattress bed. So that you can definitely add this piece of furniture to your smart home, and go from sitting to sleeping in a minute at one place.

There are multiple options for sofa cum beds available in the market. Choosing the best among them can not be so easy for anyone. Therefore, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 sofa cum beds on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings, which are available online and featuring best qualities in every aspect.



SPACE & SIZE: First of all you must finalise the space available for your sofa cum bed furniture. This will help you to choose one among the options of 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater or 5-seater sofa cum bed. You should also check the height,length & width of the sofa cum bed in both the forms as per your requirements.

WEIGHT & CONSTRUCTION: It must be lightweight enough to be moved around single handedly and constructed with higher quality raw materials and a good quality fabric to ensure that this product is robust enough to handle every day grind.

FABRIC & FILLING MATERIAL: You should always prefer to go for premium filling material & fabric. Because, the main purpose of these furniture is always to provide maximum comfort to the user. 

ASSEMBLY: You can choose the “do it yourself” type. But if you don’t want this type of sofa cum bed then, make sure you buy one that comes with assembly support. Sofa cum beds often come with a mechanical hinge system that requires expertise to avoid any untoward occurrences in the future. So, you must choose wisely.

CUSHIONS: You should prefer to check if the sofa cum bed comes with or without cushions. If it includes, It should be easy to maintain. So, look for a washable outer cover. 

EXTRAS: Whenever you buy a sofa cum bed from anywhere, don’t forget to keep an eye for delivery options, warranty, and customer support.




This is designed to give you both comfort and support. The 40 mm PU ensures that you always have a soft side to sleep and sit on. The EPE gives the core its structure, strength, resilience and light weightedness. There are two sides: Medium Soft and Medium Firm: You can conveniently pick which side you want to sit/lay on. The lightweightedness of the mattress ensures that choosing sides is no longer a heavy decision. It comes with a better 450 GSM fabric that will sustain everyday grind, interlocked seams ensure no-loose threads and double concealed zipper for smoother functioning and aesthetics. It is so light that even kids can move it around and very easy to use and handle i.e; you can instantly pull out bed for story times and fun times with your little ones.


This is so handy and you will not believe that it arrives in a tiny box. When you remove all the layers that separate you and the bed, it will gently take form into perhaps the best experience you’ve ever had. With the simple upward motion of either of your hands (or feet? any appendages really) the comfortable bed transforms into the cosiest of sofas. Sleepyhead Sofa Beds are easy enough to remove, and they come in six snazzy shades. It really works great for a quick nap, lazy weekend mornings and a drink with some friends.


Yes, it depends on the size of your sofa cum bed. If you have limited space, then a sofa cum bed is also an excellent option for one person to sleep in. 

A sofa cum bed is a sofa that can be converted and used as a bed by using different mechanisms

Yes, a sofa bed can be perfectly suitable for permanent sleeping. Nowadays most of them come with superior design, which specialises in supreme, long term comfort for both sleeping and sitting.

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