10 Best Pop-up Toasters of June 2024


Breakfast is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle but in India most people skip breakfast because it takes time to get prepared which is not easy to manage if we have to get ready for work early in the morning. A Pop-up toaster is a kitchen appliance which is used to toast bread quickly with minimum effort. To help you in preparing morning breakfast it can be one of your essentials. If there is a Pop-up toaster in our kitchen, morning breakfast can be made quickly as with the help of it we can prepare a sandwich very easily, or we can eat good crusty toasted bread with Jam & butter. The toaster is so easy that it can be used by people who don’t even know how to cook. It offers several browning options and comes with multiple settings & slots that allows us to reheat or defrost every kind of bread.

There are many Pop-up toasters with multiple functionality which come in various price ranges are available in the market and choosing the best of them is quite a challenging task. To ease the problem in finding the best of them BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted top 10 Pop-up toasters available online on the basis of thousands of users’ ratings, reviews and feedback.



BROWNING SETTINGS: To toast a bread the way we want either medium or light brown there must be variable browning settings available in a Pop-up toaster. It will be helpful to adjust settings as per our convenience and there should be a cancellation option so we can cancel anytime in case we accidentally entered the wrong settings. We may consider a Pop-up toaster with 6-8 variables of browning settings.

AVAILABLE SLOTS: There should be a wider slot for toasting various sizes of bread and It will be very convenient to toast bread quicker if there are multiple slots available. We may prepare our breakfast in less time as it will save us from the hassles of toasting single slices of bread again and again. Usually most of the Pop-Up toasters come with 2 slots. 

AUTOMATIC OPERATIONAL: There should be an automatic shut off feature as per browning settings. It will save us from burning our bread in case we forgot or we were too busy and could not shut off manually & take bread out of the Pop-Up toaster on time. 

REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY: Few roasted bread’s crumbs may fall down while toasting the bread and that will make it difficult to keep the Pop-Up toaster clean. That’s why there should be a removable crumb tray to make the cleaning process hassle free and save time.  

HIGH LIFT FUNCTION: It becomes difficult to take out hot toasted bread especially if bread is smaller because there is a risk of burning the finger in the process of removing. And so there must be a high lift function so you can raise the bread high to remove smaller bread out easily.

POWER CONSUMPTION: It’s another important fact of any electrical appliance that must be considered before buying. Pop-up toasters come in various power consumption ratings between 600watts to 2KW which should be selected as per our requirements.




Philips is the one of most trusted brands in the field of electrical & electronics appliances. Philips daily collection HD2582/00 is a powerful Pop-Up toaster with operating voltage of 220 - 240 volts & power consumption of 760-900 Watt. It can reheat and defrost in one go and comes with the cancel button to stop toasting at any time. It has a removable crumbs storage tray which provides a hassle free cleaning experience. It has 8 variable browning settings with auto shut off feature so we can toast bread as per individual preference. It comes with 2 large variable slots that offer us to toast any size of bread. And it also has an Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries or buns.


Bajaj Pop-up Toaster is one of  top selling brands available online. It is a 2 slice maker that allows us to toast & prepare sandwiches easily & faster. It has 6 adjustable browning settings to toast bread the way we want. It has a cool touch body that makes it easy to handle and keeps the body cool while in operation which may save your hands and fingers from accidental burns. The Bajaj ATX4 pop-up toaster consumes a maximum of 750-watts of power to function efficiently. It comes with a removable crumb tray to keep it clean along with a cord storage space to keep the cord in place. It has a skid resistant base and is designed in such a way that it doesn’t slide off the kitchen slab.


Pigeon Pop-up toaster comes with 2 slice capacity with auto pop-up feature that allows us to do our work without worrying about burning the slices as it ejects automatically after the browning is completed as per our setting. It has 6 variables of browning settings which help us to get perfectly browned toasts according to our preferences. It is ergonomically designed with a shock proof & heat resistance body that provides ease of use & safety. It comes with 230Volt operating voltage and 700 watt power consumption. 


Yes, Pop-toasters help us to prepare breakfast quickly & easily. It comes with several browning options that allow us to reheat & toast breads and can be used by any person that makes it the perfect choice for morning breakfast.

Pop-up toasters come in various price ranges and it depends on features, brand values, browning options & built quality. You can get a good pop-up toaster in the range between Rs 800 to Rs 5000 or above.

It is used to toast bread and if it is overheated bread will start burning. That's why we need to pop it up by using the built-in push or pull button in case of manual pop-up toaster but some of them are automatic which pop the bread up by itself after perfectly toasting according to the browning setting.

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