10 Best Office Chairs of May 2024


If we talk about our comfort and productivity during our working hours then our computer/system chair is a very important component to take in consideration. Because, poor feet in your seat can lead to some serious health concerns. But yes, if you go for a perfect right chair as per your convenience it will definitely help you stay content and focused throughout the whole working hours. There are plenty of benefits of having a good office chair apart from having less back strain. A right choice of office chair prevents fatigue and ends all discomfort that can come from sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours or even the whole day. It is also well known that comfortable employees are more productive and can give a better output thereby contributing to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees or unsatisfied employees. Overall, it can be said that a comfortable office chair would significantly reduce the number of breaks the person sitting on it will need to take due to being uncomfortable and it will reduce the chances of leading towards health issues related to it. According to back support these chairs are generally categorised in 3 types i.e; High back office chairs, Medium back office chairs and Low back office chairs.

There are multiple options for every type of office chair available in the market. Choosing the right one among them can be a daunting task for anyone. Therefore, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 office chairs on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings, which are available online and featuring best qualities in every aspect.



ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT:  Your chair must have the ability to modify the seat height to keep you comfortable during long working hours. your seat should be adjusted so that your thighs and hips are in the proper position. It will limit the risk of hip and back strains. An adjustable height chair will provide you long term proper comfort.

SEAT SIZE: Your office chair must be large enough to accommodate your body. Your seat must not be very deep or too wide. Prefer to pick the one which comes with proper space as per your body comfort and sitting posture.

MATERIAL & PADDING: The texture of the material used in the construction of your chair must be breathable, keeping your back perfectly ventilated. Some chairs are distinctly firm while others provide softer cushioning and padding. You should go with the  fabric from which user you can get maximum comfort while sitting.  You must prioritise sustainable comfort while observing its construction material and padding. It must  have enough pad to bolster the individual sitting in it without feeling the base of the seat through the pad. Stitching should last long and hold up to wear and tear. Every materialistic thing in your chair  should be placed or constructed at a point where they won’t irritate the skin.

MOBILITY: Your office chair must come with wheels so that you can move while sitting on it as per your convenience. Prefer to go with the one which permits you to pivot your seat, shifting the direction you are facing. Locking system must be present to maintain stability when you don’t want to move. 

LUMBAR SUPPORT: Your chair must have a flexible lumbar bolster to give lumbar protection. It enables the person sitting on it to fit the seat to their lower back. Because lower back strains are quite common these days. 

ARMREST: Always try to choose the office chair which comes with adjustable arms. It will prevent not just in your arms but also in your neck and shoulders. 

TILT CONTROL: Your chair must have the ability to adjust the tilt of the back of your chair. It should have the option to provide ‘slightly reclined’ posture or the angle as per your ease,  which can help in protecting your spine while sitting long working hours.

OTHER ERGONOMIC FEATURES: Presence of a headrest can reduce the stress on the neck and shoulder. Chairs which come with separate components to help support your lower and upper backs can be a better option to choose. If you have specific medical concerns you must go with the one which can provide you a good customization option. 




These chairs are designed to be timeless and never go out of style.  The headrest of this Apollo chair is swivable and height adjustable. You can easily find your sweet spot with a push of a button. You can adjust the seat height to any suitable position to improve your posture. With just the pull of a lever you can convert your chair into a rocking chair. You can turn the tilt tension adjustment knob to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to rock or recline. The 2 inch thick seat and solid mould foam seat cushion of this chair ensure high density, high resiliency and good air permeability. This chair comes with a heavy wheel base, good tilting mechanism, durable large sized armrests, tilt lock lever, 2 way adjustable lumbar support and overall perfect comfort.


The Green Soul Jupiter chair  can be adapted for every work environment with a spacious moulded foam seat and 2-way adjustable armrests and headrest in the high back variant. The glass-reinforced nylon frame in it  is tested for 120,000 durability cycles. The mesh back keeps you cool, and the foam seat provides under-thigh support. You can adjust the lumbar support in four ways for excellent back support. In addition, the gas lift is BIFMA certified, and the wheels have been tested for 100,000 durability cycles. The S-shaped back aligns perfectly with your spine, and the synchro-tilt mechanism allows you to tilt and recline the chair and seat together between 90 and 135 degrees. It comes with 2 way adjustable headrest, heavy-duty metal base & dual castor wheels, class 4 gas lift height adjustment and perfect material of construction.


Most of the office chairs are provided with wheels for easy and frictionless movements.

Because, sitting in the wrong office chair can cause major health issues for you. You must avoid this by investing in an ergonomic chair. A good office chair can bear wonders for your back. It works by improving your posture, reducing unnecessary back pains, and reducing hip pressure.

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