10 Best Monitors of April 2024


The monitor is a very important component of your PC. Without the right display, everything you do on your system will seem tedious, whether gaming, viewing or editing photos and video or just reading text on your favourite websites. Every user, from the most inexperienced, new-tech consumer to the knowledgeable software engineer needs a monitor. Whether you are using them with your laptop, desktop, tablet, or even POS system, monitors have a wide range of variables that may be driving your purchase decisions.

But when it comes to knowing exactly which monitor to choose to meet specific needs, things can get considerably more daunting, making it hard to decide what is really important and what is not. Here BestBaba’s expert team has intended to help with the decision-making process, shortlisted the 10 best monitors bringing all the information together into one place and helping to make sense of it all, on the basis of customers’ reviews, ratings and feedback. 



SCREEN SIZE & RESOLUTION: Always prefer to consider the screen size as per the resolution of the monitor as a large monitor will have a low pixel density if it has lower resolution.

PURPOSE: Based on your needs like gaming, personal or professional you should focus more on specific features such as gamers should prioritise fast refresh rates and low response times, professionals should prioritise colour accuracy and general use users have less specific needs but should prefer to opt for a monitor with a high-contrast VA panel.

SCREEN REFRESH RATE: This tells you the number of times your monitor updates with new information per second and is measured in hertz (Hz). Bigger numbers equal better, smoother, less choppy images.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Twisted Nematic(TN) monitors are the fastest but cheapest, due to poorer image quality when viewing from a side angle. IPS monitors have slightly faster response times and show colour better than VA panels, but VA monitors have the best contrast out of all three panel types. You must go for the convenient technology used as per your need.




This 27” full HD ultra-slim ips widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16.7 million colours and 72% ntsc colour gamut comes with 178°/178° wide viewing angles for clarity from any viewpoint. Adaptive eye care with proprietary brightness intelligence, low blue light, and flicker-free technology used prevent eye strain and protect your eyes. The GW2780 is designed to be a sleek, minimalistic addition to any home or office. 1080p resolution and an IPS panel make this monitor great for viewing documents, web pages, or colourful content. The edge-to-edge display elevates the aesthetic appeal of the monitor and also makes for a seamless dual monitor setup. VGA, HDMI, and display port provide easy connectivity, while built-in speakers and cable management, along with being VESA wall mountable make this the ideal monitor for any workspace.


In this monitor the 1800R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy big, bold and stunning panoramic views while you work or play. With its design inspired by the curve of the human eye, the Samsung CF390 monitor delivers a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience for your home or office use. Featuring an ultra-slim and sleek profile the Samsung CF390 monitor measures less than 0.5inch thick. The simple circular stand will add a modern look to your space. AMD FreeSync technology allows users to enjoy smooth images, even during the fastest moving scenes. AMD FreeSync dynamically syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of your content to minimise input latency and dramatically reduce image tearing and stutter during gaming. It comes with eye saver mode, brilliant picture quality (the excellent 3000:1 contrast ratio delivers deep blacks and bright whites so you can clearly see even in the darkest or brightest scene) and eco-saving plus feature.



The monitor displays whatever the PC or laptop is outputting. You can't use a monitor by itself.

The difference is what they're designed to do. Monitors are typically designed to sit on a desk for close viewing. They are connected to other hardware (such as a computer) to display graphical information, whereas a TV is usually a standalone monitor designed for viewing much further away.

A monitor is an electronic visual computer display that includes a screen, circuitry and the case in which that circuitry is enclosed. You can say that it’s an important part of the computer.

A monitor is an electronic device used to display video output from a computer. Screen monitors are used in many computer devices, from personal computers (PCs) and laptops to small mobile devices, such as cell phones and MP3 players. Monitors are also known as computer screens or display screens

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