10 Best Humidifiers of May 2024


As we all know during the winter season the air starts to feel dryer. Colder air doesn’t contain the same amount of moisture as summer air. This can lead to some negative impact on your body like dry, itchy and cracking skin. Well, there is a tool that can help with this problem by maintaining humidity around you. Humidifiers are a great way to maintain a healthy and good level of humidity in your home or any closed space. By using this, increasing your indoor humidity and maintaining the required level, you can safeguard your family's health, protect your home's structure from the effects of dry air, and improve your overall indoor comfort. 

If you want to buy the humidifier for your home then you must know about some important points to consider while buying it. There are multiple options for humidifiers available in the market. Choosing the best one among them can be a daunting task for you. Therefore, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the 10 best humidifiers available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



SPACE, SIZE & DESIGN: You must be very clear about whether you need focused humidification for a single room or whole house humidification. If you want to buy it for small-to-medium size spaces like a bedroom or home office a “tabletop” or “room humidifier” is the best to pick. Because these ones are compact, easy to move, long running and they come with germ protection, multiple speeds, built-in hygrometers, combination warm or cool mist outputs, and low water indicators. But, if you want to add moisture to multiple rooms or your entire house you must consider buying “console humidifiers” or “whole-house humidifiers” that come in a variety of designs and finishes that allow the devices to blend easily with your decor.

TYPES: Generally, 3 types of humidifiers are available in the market. First is “Cool mist humidifiers” which disperse a room-temperature mist and can cover larger areas. These humidifiers use less electricity than other types. Second is “Warm mist humidifiers” that use a heating element to heat the water and release it into your room as warm and comfortable moisture. They may use slightly more electricity than other types of humidifiers because they heat water to boiling, but the boiling process kills germs and impurities and it is beneficial for the health. Third is “Ultrasonic humidifiers” which are available in both cool and warm mist types and are generally known as the quietest humidifiers in the market. You can choose any one of these three as per your need. 

SILENT OPERATION: Always try to pick that one which makes little noise during the operation. For some areas like bedrooms and offices that require a quieter environment, an ultrasonic humidifier is the perfect solution. Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound waves to create a fine, soothing mist. Since the sound waves are higher than we can hear, these humidifiers are significantly quieter than other humidifier models.

CAPACITY: Always check the capacity of the humidifier before buying it. Capacity indicates the duration it can work in highest mist mode and low mist mode. You must prefer to go with one which comes with a larger capacity so that you don't need to worry about refilling it at midnight.




This cool mist ultrasonic humidifier can prevent dry or chapped skin, stuffy air, and flu germs in dry conditions. These humidifiers help in humidifying the air, breathe easier, and relieve cough and sinus congestion due to cold, allergies, and flu.  If you're looking to have a humidification and aroma diffuser in one unit, you can try this range of 2-in-1 ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers that are made without bpa plastic and are safe to use essential oils and other aroma while maintaining humidity in the interiors. This aesthetically pleasing and powerful cool mist humidifier is featured with ultrasonic vibration technology along with an active carbon filter that instantly converts water into fine and visible cool mist to improve the humidity level and air quality in the dry areas of your home or office. It also features an essential oil tray to allow oil diffusion while giving you an aromatic environment. The negatively charged ions (cool mist) produced by this humidifier attach to microorganisms and other unwanted particles present in the air to enrich poor quality air. Adjustable mist spray easily adjusts the mist intensity as per room size or need with its rotary knob. You can adjust the mist intensity from minimum to maximum to achieve the perfect humidification level you want. If you pick this one you do not need to worry about switching off this humidifier as it is featured with automatic off technology that automatically shuts its operation when water level reaches to critically low.


Oriley Ultrasonic Humidifier improves air quality in your homes and offices and provide benefit to the people who experience Cough And Cold Sinusitis, Dry Skin, Dryness In The Throat Or Airways, Irritated Eyes, Allergies, Frequent Coughs, Sinus Headaches, Cracked Lips. These humidifiers come with a capacity of 2.3L which can work upto 10 hours in highest mist mode and upto 15 hours in low mist mode.So, you don’t need to worry about refilling it in the middle of your sleep. It features a solid body design with a 360° rotary knob to uplift the appearance of your household, which allows you to control the mist intensity according to the requirement as this humidifier features a mist output of 250ml per hour. Its transparent design makes usage more convenient.It has a compact design. The Oriley LP-2111C ultrasonic humidifier makes negligible noise during its operation, which ensures that you get a sound sleep without any disturbance. Oriley provides a 1 Year Off-site warranty on all its products. 


Humidifiers are a great way to maintain a healthy and good level of humidity in your home or any closed space. By using this, increasing your indoor humidity and maintaining the required level, you can safeguard your family's health, protect your home's structure from the effects of dry air, and improve your overall indoor comfort. 

You should never use a humidifier when the relative humidity level is already maintained or higher than 50 percent.

Always try to place it at the most central spot of the space in which you want to maintain humidity. Therefore, you can feel the uniform humidity. Well, placing the unit near a cold air return will help distribute the humidified air more thoroughly.

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