10 Best Hair Dryers of June 2024


Looking for the best hair dryer? If you are the one who wants effective blow-drying results quickly with minimum effort then a hair dryer is an essential appliance for you. This appliance is useful in so many ways like when you have a small span of time, or the weather is too cold for you to let your hair dry naturally, the only gadget that comes to mind is a hair dryer. Air-drying your hair naturally is really great but sometimes you just want a good blowout. Nowadays modern hair dryers come with great features that allow you to style your hair as it dries and you can get a new look even without visiting a professional salon. Hair dryers are being used by both women and men. Like women, men also use hair dryers for blow drying, straightening their hair strands and mainly to improve the hair volume.

While choosing a hair dryer you may come across technical words like ionic, nanoe, ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. Ionic and nanoe are the latest technologies whereas ceramic, tourmaline and titanium words relate to the hair dryer’s heating coil material. Different types of hair dryers are suitable for different hair types. They have different features, advantages and prices. If you are planning to buy a hair dryer then don't confuse yourself looking at plenty of options available in the market. Here the BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 hair dryers available in the market on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings. You can purchase any of them as per your need.



WATTS OF THE HAIR DRYER:  To decide wattage you should first understand your hair type. Higher the wattage, the higher the efficiency of the hair dryer. Generally, hair dryer wattage ranges from 1000 watts to 3600 watts. Basic hair dryers come with 1000 to 1800 watts. These hair dryers are inexpensive than the professional hair dryers. High wattage hair dryers are generally suitable for thick, long and frizzy hair types which provide you a high temperature and this heat is not suitable for thin and flat hair types. If you have short, flat and thin hair, less wattage hair dryers are suitable for you and similarly thick, long and frizzy hair needs a high power hair dryer.

TECHNOLOGY USED: There must be good technology used in your hair dryers so that your hair manages to retain its quality. Different types of hair dryers use different technologies like ionic hair dryers use ionic technology where ions are emitted, the discharged negative ions breaks the positively charged water molecules. This technology helps you in maintaining your hair shiny, moisturised and retains your hairstyle up to a better time. Ionic hair dryers are suitable for all hair types. Next one is Nanoe technology, the newly introduced technology.This technology is also called as static atomization phenomenon. This technology is somewhat similar to ionic technology, but unlike ionic hair dryers, nanoe hair dryers emit nano-sized charged microparticles. These charged microparticles lock the cuticles and make your hair healthy and shiny.

HEAT CONTROL SETTINGS: Heat control settings are the main thing to be checked before you purchase it. As hair dryers with high wattage provide you higher heat temperature and also can burn your hair. So, Heat control settings are very important to set your dryer temperature as per your requirement. Some dryers come with 3 levels of settings- high, medium and low. Some basic hair dryers have only 2 levels of setting- high and low. You can choose a better one as per your need.

COIL TYPE: There are basically 3 types of coil used in hair dryers i.e; metallic & ceramic ( best for thin or fine hair) and tourmaline( best for thick and frizzy hair). You should choose the coil type of your hair dryer according to your hair quality..

COOL SHOT BUTTON: If you go for a hair dryer which has a cool shot button then it will be best for you. As this button provides you cool air after hair dying, that will cool down the temperature of your hair. Sometimes while styling or hair drying on high temperatures you can use these cool shot features and can set your hairstyle according to your choice.

DESIGN,STRUCTURE,WEIGHT AND SIZE: Handheld hair dryers are the most common hair dryers, these dryers are compact size dryers and are also called travel hair dryers. Design and structure of the hair dryers should always be as per your ease. If you are a traveller or the one who wants to buy it for regular personal use you should prefer to go for the hair dryers which are compact, small enough to store anywhere, light in weight and easy to handle. It is always better to choose a foldable and small-sized dryer for frequent travellers.Presence of an “easy storage hook” can provide you another storage option, particularly convenient for use in the home or when staying at a hotel. Weight and size of the hair dryer are the must feature to be noticed before purchasing a hair dryer. It is a handheld device, so this device should be balanced within your hands. The heavyweight hair dryers are not suitable for long, thick and curly hair types, as these hair types need more time to dry and heavy weight dryers may give a pain or discomfort in your hands. Styling your hair needs a bit longer time and the heavy ones are not comfortable for styling.

ATTACHMENTS: If you have thick and frizzy hair types, you can prefer to buy those hair dryers that come with few attachments like diffuser, concentrator nozzle and comb pick nozzle. These attachments help you to focus the air on the required area of your hair. These are very helpful for dense and thick hairs that cannot be air dried easily.

LONG SIZE POWER CORD:  You should prefer to go with a long size power cord as hair dryers with long size power cord will give a flexibility of moving it as your requirement. 




This is the best hair dryer according to BestBaba’s top 10 listing. It comes with powerful drying with 1600 W. This hair dryer gently directs the airflow in specific sections , giving better control during styling. It has 3 temperature settings (hot, warm and cool), separate cool shot button for your convenience, double protection against overheating, foldable handle and honey comb inlet is specially designed to avoid tangling of the hairs.  Havells provides you a 2 years guarantee for this hair dryer.


Philips is also very popular and one of the trusted brands for electronic appliances. Philips hair dryer comes with 2 flexible settings for careful drying and narrow concentrator for focused airflow. It has a 1.5m cord length. Philips manufactures compact hair dryers for easy handling and provides thermo protect temperature settings.


It is an ultralight 1800 watt hair dryer for convenient and easy use. Braun HD hair dryer comes with ergonomic design for easy styling and 2 combined temperature / airflow settings for convenient styling. There is cold shot to fix your style, infrared heating system for efficient and fast drying, slim nozzle for concentrated air flow, hanging loop for easy storage and 1.8m cord for convenient handling. It gives you a 2 years warranty.


When you have a small span of time, or the weather is too cold for you to let your hair dry naturally, then you can use hair dryer to dry your hair. Air-drying your hair naturally is really great but sometimes you just want a good blowout. Hair dryer is very useful during styling your hair.

Today's commercially available hair dryers are relatively safe to use on one's hair. However, any mechanical manipulation of the hair does introduce risk for damage to the hair. A few simple guidelines can help minimise the likelihood of damaging your hair through the use of a hair dryer.


Ceramic is a reliable choice because the material disperses heat evenly and stabilises the temperature quickly. Ceramic helps smoothening hair by sealing hair cuticles and controlling frizz, which is why it is great for women with weak, damaged or sensitive hair.




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