10 Best Gas Geysers of May 2024


Hot water in houses has always been a must-have for residents, since ancient times. People generally install various types of geysers in their houses to fullfil their hot water requirements. Nowadays, Gas geysers are a very popular choice for heating water in India. The reason behind it they are convenient, efficient and more affordable than electric geysers. Basically, a gas geyser is an appliance that uses natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as a fuel and it was invented for the purpose to heat the water fast and supply it to the taps of the shower.  Gas geysers are so popular today even in small towns and rural areas. 

If you are planning to buy a gas geyser for your house then while choosing you may get confused with multiple brands and the job gets even tougher with plenty of options available in the market. Therefore, to reduce your tension of getting the best one, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the 10 best gas geysers available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback & ratings.



CAPACITY: Always go for the right sized geyser as per your requirements. You can choose any one by considering the size of your family and consumption habits to save some electricity.

HEATING SYSTEM: Prefer to check the heating system and temperature adjustment of your geyser before buying. Your geyser must have a rapid heating system so that you can save your time. Your gas geyser should have adjustable thermostat settings.

BODY MATERIAL: Always go with the one which comes with an anti corrosive body, coating material (glass coated) used on it must be of premium quality.

WARRANTY: As heating appliances perish too frequently you must check the warranty period provided by the brand for your gas geyser. Do not forget to check the warranty on the heating element and tank too while purchasing the geyser.

SAFETY OPTIONS: Your geyser must be safe in use in every aspect. It must come with an automatic thermal cut-out option, child lock option, anti-freeze device, flame-failure device etc. These features help in protecting the water heater from burning out and It also protects from any accidental damages. It must have a safety valve for pressure release and water discharge in case the pressure overshoots the preset limit. 

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Your gas geyser must consume less electricity for heating water and it should work with minimal heat loss. High star rated geysers can be a little expensive in the first place but they save a lot of money over a longer period of time. Therefore,  you can prefer to buy a 5 star BEE rated energy efficient geyser so that you can reduce your monthly electricity bills.




Here's something that would just need your command and it will start pampering you with a hydrotherapy that works wonders in every aspect.  It doesn't weigh much and is a safe option and it goes perfectly with your kitchen and bathroom decor.  It has a slim and compact design which can be conveniently wall mounted in your bathroom or kitchen. Its water storage capacity is sufficient for a small to medium sized family. Its claim to fame is its energy efficiency and cost effectiveness along with a beautiful look. It is utilised to heat water that can be used for sanitary as well as other purposes. It is easy to install, easy to use and value for money. Overall, the V-Guard Safeflo Plus successfully manages to fulfil all the hot water needs without any hassle.


This geyser comes with 6 litres of  capacity which ensures ample convenience for all types of users. The advanced combustion technology of the Majesty Duetto gas water heater (LPG) ensures greater thermal efficiency and superior performance. Dry heat protection and burner settings present in it ensure greater safety and security all around. It comes with an overheat protection feature, child lock feature, copper heat exchanger, inlet water low sensor, flame failure protection device and 2 year warranty. The oxygen depletion sensor of it  is another handy safety feature that will keep your mind at rest. Swift auto ignition helps you get this water heater up and cracking right away. The 20 minutes timer helps immensely when it comes to keeping you informed, without having to worry about any misses on your part.


Yes, Gas geysers provide incessant flow of heated water and supply immediate heating.  They are convenient, efficient and more affordable than electric geysers. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used in gas geysers.

Basically, a gas geyser is an appliance that uses natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as a fuel and it was invented for the purpose to heat the water fast and supply it to the taps of the shower. 

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