10 Best Garment Steamers of July 2024


A garment steamer is a product that removes wrinkles without any contact with the fabric. A garment steamer uses hot steam to correct creases in clothing. For making it possible you have to hang whatever fabric you want to iron on a hanger, the jet of steam should be directed at it and it makes the clothes ironed very easily. With the help of a garment steamer, you can even iron sweaters and thick clothes at home. Garment steamers are much faster than dry irons. Handheld garment steamers beat irons in terms of convenience and portability because they are lighter and require less space.

There are a few things that you need to consider so that you can buy the best garment steamer. To help you get the best ones, the expert team of BestBaba has shortlisted the best 10 garment steamers available online on the basis of customers’ reviews, ratings, and feedback.



HEAT-UP TIME: While buying a garment steamer, you should definitely check its heating time because a good garment steamer heats up in the shortest possible time, which saves your time.
STEAM OUTPUT: A good garment steamer should have a good steam system which can release at least 20g/min to 40g/min steam.

WATER TANK: Garment steamers are available in the market with both removable and non-removable water tanks. You should go with the garment steamer with a removable water tank because it will be easy for you to clean and fill it with water.

MODEL: There are two types of garment steamers: handheld model and stand model. The handheld garment steamer is a smaller unit that you'll plug in and hold with one hand while the stand model is larger and includes a pole with a hanger for hanging clothes on which you can hang clothes and iron them with steam. You can choose your model as per your convenience.
POWER CONSUMPTION: While buying a garment steamer, you must check its voltage. Buying a low voltage garment steamer will save your electricity bill. High voltage garment steamers run on high power consumption, which can increase your electricity bill.

BUILD QUALITY: There are many types of garment steamers available in the market, but while buying the best one, you must make sure that its build quality is good or not. Prefer to buy only good quality garment steamers.




The Philips EasyTouch Plus Standing Garment Steamer helps kill bacteria on your clothes. This allows you to easily iron a range of fabrics such as heavily embroidered wear, versatile designer wear, heavily layered or pleated attire, and men's jackets or kurtas. In this, you get 5 steam settings which help in removing creases from thick clothes. It produces steam up to 32g/min and consumes 1600 W of power. It heats up within 1 minute. It has a double pole available for extra stability.


The Inalsa Steam Master Garment Steamer efficiently removes wrinkles with 1600W of power. Steam Master releases powerful steam bursts from 23g/min to 40g/min and heats up in less than a minute. In this, you get 4 steam settings. This garment steamer comes with a detachable fabric brush that provides superior steam. It also comes with an integrated adjustable pole for you to hang your clothes on. It contains a 1.5 litre removable and transparent water tank.


The Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer is a handheld steamer. Its powerful steam output of 21g/min smooths out wrinkles and delivers perfect ironing results. It consumes 1000 W of power. The thermal fuse protection in it provides additional protection against overheating. Its 200ml water tank ensures easy refilling for long ironing sessions.


By the way, there are 2 types of garment steamers available in the market, first handheld model and second stand model. Both the models are right in their place but in the stand model you get a pole with a hanger to hang clothes which makes it easy for you to iron so garment steamers with a stand model is perfect.

While buying a garment steamer, you should check its features like brush, steam settings, heat up time, power consumption, steam output, automatic shutoff, build quality, water tank.

No, steaming does not damage the clothes because garment steamers remove wrinkles without contact with your soft and thick fabrics.

Yes, you can iron silk or cotton clothes with the help of a garment steamer. You can iron any type of clothes with the help of a garment steamer keeping in mind the steam settings.

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