10 Best Gaming Headsets of May 2024


Are you looking for a good quality Gaming Headsets? You should check some important factors before you make the decison to purchase one. The main factors which you should keep in mind that it must have best sound quality,good comfort, solid connectivity and affordable price. Since gaming is all about its sound quality so you actually can't make a good game play without experiencing the every bit of game sound. There is a lot of Gaming Headsets in every segment. Gaming Headsets Should have quality drivers to make your experience out of the box. 

The best Gaming Headset can make your video gaming experience fully emmersive. While normal headsets can provide some average game sounds but a great Gaming Headset gives you highlights of major gaming sounds which makes gamers decision making to next level. Mic should also have noise cancelling option so that outer unwanted noise doesn't make disturbance or cause communication problems with your teammates.


Sound Quality: The emmersive gaming sound is main factor in gaming headsets. Games like PUBG requires a step ahead sound quality. Gamers should be able to hear the footsteps of enemies/vehicle sound so precisely that they can make good decisons during game play. It should have 3D sound effects i.e. Stereo & 3D Drivers InBuilt.

Good Comfort: The another major factor you should keep in mind is comfort while you wear it. it should have proper cushioning so that hours of game play doesn't make your ears hurt.

Connectivity: Too good to be true, if it does not have solid connectivity all things will go waste. It should not have any latency issues due to any factors.Even if your game sound lags a bit by few ms, you will be way behind your enemies.

Stylish & Affordable: Current era is basically for the gamers who are streaming their live game plays on various streaming platforms like youtube,twitch,facebook etc. So the look & feel of your gaming headsets also matter. Many brands offers RGB Headsets which gives you cool gaming look while you stream live. The other factors icludes its pricing, which should be the last factor since quality of sound matters most in this category.

Noise Cancellation: Everyone doesn't play in sound proof area setup where no background noises interfere your gameplay. That's why noise cancellation is must have feature in a headset. it manages your background sounds in game play with your voice so that your teammates and live users have phenomenol sound experience without any unwanted noise.

Considering all the above points BestBaba's expert team has selected top 10 gaming headsets for you, which will make your decision making easier.


1.Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headset

Cosmic Byte GS430 comes with all the above mentioned features, With immersive 3D Gaming Sound & high precision magnetic neodymium driver provides facilities to hear footsteps & gunshots from distant location to all 360-degree soundscape in PUBG, Fortnite, COD etc. Its also comes with Noise Cancellation & RGB Light. The Price factor of this headset makes it most affordable & cool.

2.HyperX Cloud Stinger Core - Gaming Headset

This is perfect entry level headset for console gamers who are looking for best sound experience. Cloud Stinger core have all the features a console gamer looks for it like sound quality, Comfortability & reliability. It is having directional 40mm drivers which makes you immersive in your games. This gaming headset have audio controls right on its cable.

3.Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headset

Redgear cosmo 7.1 comes with immersive built-in noise cancelling mic which gives you stable & quick communication.This model has hardware driven 7.1 surround sound for precise audio experience.  Its memory foam gives you luxurious feel with noise isolating feature. It is having adjustable split headband which reduces pressure and provides comfort to your ears during long gaming sessions. It also comes with RGB LED Light on ear ups & over the tip of mic, which gives you a cool and sylish look.


Yes you can , Until or unless it should have 3.5mm jack. Since many gaming headsets come with USB Port to connect to PC, some come with both 3.5mm Jack & USB. So check before you make purchase.

If You are passionate gamer, You should consider gaming headset only because it comes with many excellent features like noise cancelling, 3D Sound etc

You will get a decent headset in range of 2-3k which will be workful in all aspects. But if you have good budget you can go for premium ones too.

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