10 Best Full Body Massage Chairs of May 2024


If you are looking for the best relaxing thing for your own personal space and you are exhausted with every massage tool then here you are going to get the perfect idea & end up searching for the perfect massage therapy. Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine providing many health benefits such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, increase in relaxation, body calmness, and the lowering of blood pressure. Various forms of massage therapy are proven to be helpful and necessary to human health. Science has shown the benefits of endorphins in the system, and in this category massage chairs are excellent in providing those benefits. It will be very exciting and beneficial having a massage chair and getting to discover all of its unique features to give you the ultimate massage experience every time.

There are multiple options with various features available in the market, you can go with any of them as per your choice. But, choosing the best one among them can be a daunting task for you because each massage chair offers its own unique mix of features and settings, which can be tricky to compare. It’s a big investment not just financially but also in terms of space within your home. Therefore, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the 10 best full body massage chairs available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



MASSAGE FUNCTIONS:  Most massage chairs have between three and 30 pre-programmed massage options. Low-end massage chairs usually offer little more than simple vibration and rolling massage. On the other hand, high-end massage chairs offer a wide variety of features to help put you at ease. Prefer to check whether your chair includes some important features or not, i.e; all-inclusive menu of pre-programmed function, proper roller intensity [2D (basic), 3D (adjustable) & 4D (variable)],heat therapy, kneading, reflexology, rolling, shiatsu, sound therapy, space-saving design, tapping, vibration, zero gravity & inversion therapy.The more advanced massage chairs usually have body scanning technology, which tests the reactions of various areas of your body and customises a massage accordingly. 

TARGET AREAS: Before buying your chair give some extra concern on its target areas to give massages. In addition to offering various massage styles, all luxury massage chairs can target areas besides your back. Many full body massage chairs offer a leg and foot massage function, and some chairs can even target the arms and hands. These targeted massage options are usually delivered by air bags, massage heads or rollers spread throughout the chair. Advanced massage chairs can also feature a thumb-like massage head to mimic the therapeutic benefits of a trip to a masseuse. 

ROLLERS AND TRACKS: Before finalising your massage chair, be sure to consider the range of the rollers. This is indicated by the type of track the massage chair comes with i.e; L-track, S-track and J-track. Choose this thing as per your requirements. 

AIRBAGS: Never forget to check the functioning of the airbag present in your chair. Massage airbags offer powerful relief from tension and stiffness by pumping pressurised air into small pouches located in the back, legs or sides of your massage chair. The airbags, when inflated, compress your muscles, which helps stimulate blood flow and provides soreness relief. This delivers a different sensation and style of massage from the roller system. If you are worried whether the airbag function is right for you, look for a massage chair that delivers both airbag and rolling massages simultaneously. Combined, the two can create the most advanced full body massage available in a chair and it will definitely give you the next level of experience in this category.

CHAIR SIZE: Certain brands make chairs that can comfortably adjust larger heights, while others offer chairs that can adjust to shorter heights. You must choose the size as per your need. Size specifications are listed by most online massage chair sellers, so you should come with your own space measurements so you can make the most perfect choice.

HEATED MASSAGE: Most advanced massage chairs come with the option of a heated massage seat and back. Heat therapy is often concentrated in the seat or lower back, but some massage chairs come with full body heat, starting at the soles of the feet and reaching all the way to the headrest. If you are going to be one of those who are massage chair users with arthritis, inflammation, joint or muscle stiffness or deep tissue pain then this heat therapy will ease pain and discomfort and relax your muscles enough so that the rollers can penetrate through tension.

RECLINE FUNCTION: Check whether your massage chair offers recline function and zero gravity recline or not. Because, the presence of these features can lower your heart rate, reduce tension and improve circulation. 

EASE OF USE: Nowadays most massage chairs come with easy-to-operate, intuitive controls, many of which are operated via touchscreen or one-touch remotes. If ease of operation & simplicity is important to you, be sure to pay attention to the controls when shopping for your massage chair.




The Full Body Massage Chair by Lifelong is designed for everyone irrespective of their body types. It comes with a powerful back, head, buttock, and leg massage feature. With a feature like the recliner, you can stretch your body completely as the roller and air pressure massager work their way through relieving you of any pain and stress. The Massage Chair is a soothing device that gives you great value for money. It has strongly been trusted by loyal users for over five years. The massager kneads and relaxes your muscles, letting the day's worries melt away. With more than 100 innovative products available, no wonder millions of customers continue to choose Lifelong. It promotes proper blood circulation and wellness, easing your mind and body from the day’s worries. You can accompany your massage with soothing music of your choice by connecting any device to the in-built bluetooth speakers. The Digital panel that is attached to this chair helps in controlling the massage intensity.


Based on biomechanics, ergonomics and model physical therapy,aim to human skeletal characteristics, combined with zero power, longer curved rail massage, modern physics stretch, point, total with 20 air bags and 1 air pump Robotouch Urban full body massage chair will bring you supreme massage experience when you are at home, keeping healthy and active everyday. It includes 20 pieces of airbags in total and adjustable 3 levels of massage speed i.e; slow, middle & strong. This chair offers accurate massage to different points by measuring shoulder height and back width, so as to make sure that the full body can enjoy a proper massage.


One of the main benefits of a massage chair is that it can help to improve your circulation. This is especially beneficial for those who spend long periods of time sitting down as it can help to reduce the risk of developing blood clots. Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine providing many health benefits such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, increase in relaxation, body calmness, and the lowering of blood pressure. Various forms of massage therapy are proven to be helpful and necessary to human health.

Yes, it can be. Excess of any therapy or anything can cause a negative impact to your body.  If your body needs it very oftenly or you are following a track of being habitual of it, listen to your body and talk openly with your massage therapist.

If you don't have a comfy lounge chair or sofa to relax in, your massage chair could be the perfect chair to relax in. massage chairs only work when they have been turned on, but when they are turned off, you can still sit on them and relax in comfort. You could even sleep on it.

While seated in zero gravity, the user's feet are level with the heart, increasing blood flow throughout the body. This can help the heart, muscles, and arteries to function properly. Increased blood flow not only helps us feel healthier, we also look healthier as increased blood circulation helps skin to glow and look healthy.

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