10 Best Food Processors of June 2024


Every person wants to have a variety of foods, dishes & snacks but cooking delicious dishes is not an easy task. It requires a lot of tedious and tiring prep work like slicing, chopping, blending, grinding, mixing, grating and many other things which may take a huge time. A Food processor is a multipurpose kitchen appliance which can fulfill all such prep requirements and make it easy to help in our needs while making a variety of delicious dishes. It can be used as a mixer grinder, juicer, atta kneader, for slicing vegetables in fine pieces, whisking cream and many other things. It comes with multiple Jars & various types of blades to help in accomplishing all the tasks in minimum times. These multipurpose machines come in really handy when you want to get things done fast.

There are plenty of options for food processors available in the market. Choosing the best one among them can be a daunting task for you. Therefore, BestBaba's expert team has shortlisted the top 10 food processors available online on the basis of thousands of customers' ratings, feedback and reviews.



Power capacity: Food processors are multi purpose appliances which are very useful in home kitchens & restaurants as well. It should be powerful enough to operate for longer times. Most commonly these are available from a starting power range of 500 watt and may vary upto 2000watt. We should choose according to our uses. For example 500 watts to 750 watt is good enough for home kitchens but for restaurant uses it should be more than 750 watts.

Features: It should be an ‘all in one’ functional device so we can use it for every prep work in our kitchen such as slicing, chopping, blending, grinding, mixing, atta kneading etc. 

Blades: Food processors must have multiple blades for different works like slicing blades, grating, shredding, chopping blades, atta kneading blades & whisking blades. Blades should be made of durable material. Second most important thing that must be considered is the quality of blades. It should be made of durable, sharper materials and must be rust-free at all times while you use it for kitchen prep work, or you might risk your family’s health.

Jars: It should have multiple Jars of different capacities & shapes to fulfill our different requirements. Generally it comes with 3-4 jars of different capacity ranges & 1 food processing bowl for kneading, whisking etc. 

Built quality: Food Processors should be made of durable materials that give it a long lasting life. They are used for multiple work so it can be needed to operate for a longer time that’s why there should be cooling functionality.

Brand Services & Warranty: One of the most important things we must check is brand warranty & after-sale service provided by the company. Top brands provide upto 2 years company warranty in case of any damage or operational problems occurring in the food processor. 




Preethi Zodiac MG-218 food processor comes at top in the list of best mixer grinder & food processors in India. It has a 750 watts Vega W5 powerful motor that ensures robust operations and it has fast motor cooling functionality which does cooling within no time. Zodiac has 3-in-1 insta fresh juicer jar – One Jar which can do three functions such as juice fresh fruits, extract tamarind essence or coconut milk & make shakes and lassi. It comes with a speed control system which provides us power over its speed control as per our need. It has a master chef plus jar which can perform seven functions – atta kneading, chopping, citrus press, pureeing, slicing, grating and meat mincing. All the jars of Preethi Zodiac food processor come with Razor sharp stainless steel blades that allow finest grinding and juicing experience. These are the qualities which makes it the best choice to consider buying.


Usha is one of the oldest & trusted brands in home & kitchen appliances. Usha FP 3811is the one of finest food processors available in India. It has a 1000 watt powerful 100% copper motor which makes food processing easy with high torque - high speed. It's a 5 in 1 appliance which does the job of a mixer grinder, Juicer, blender, atta kneader & chopper efficiently. It comes with 6 food grade specialized blades for multiple applications. It has 2 speed settings & overload protection function for motor safety. It has 4 Jars with the capacity of bowl -3.5 L, capacity of blender Jar -1.8 L, capacity of multipurpose Jar -1.2 L and capacity of chutney Jar -0.5 L. It has In-Built Storage Drawer for blades and discs & it has 4 stainless steel blades which are Kneading doughing blade, Slicing disc, Shredding disc, Grating discs with 2 other blades for atta kneading & whisking cream. It’s an ideal choice to consider buying for home & restaurant kitchens. 


Whenever we think about buying any electronics appliances Bajaj is the brand which comes to mind instantly to consider as they have built such trust throughout the years of services & quality.  Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 food processor has sturdy and powerful 600 watts, 18000 RPM motor with 3 speed control & pulse function. Its in-built locking mechanism ensures consumer safety while using. It has 3 different sized stainless steel jars and an unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl with lid which provides efficient processing, grinding, liquidizing, juicing and atta kneading smoothly. It comes with stainless steel blades for chopping, slicing, coconut scraping, kneading, shredding and French fries functions. One of the most important things is that Bajaj provides brand warranty upto 2 years on product and 5 years on motor. 



A Food processor is a multi purpose kitchen appliance that allows us to do multiple prep work quickly for making delicious dishes. It can be chopping, slicing, grinding, blending, liquidizing, juicing, atta kneading etc. We can also use it to make shakes, whisking cream, prepare dough to make bread & cake batter and many other things. 


Food processors come in different ranges of powers between 600 watts to 2000 watt. A full sized processor (9 cups or larger) should be atleast of 600 watts or more. It can vary according to size, features & brands. 


Although food processors & blenders share some features still they are different in many kinds of things. A blender is ideal for making items with a lot of liquid, like smoothies and soups, ice crushing whereas a food processor is a multi purpose appliance used for chopping, slicing, grinding, kneading etc. and somewhat it also can serve blenders work too. 


Yes, You can make milkshakes or any kind of shake with a food processor. Simply put ice in it and let it soften for 5-10 minutes then add other ingredients in it and stir until everything is combined.

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