10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers of April 2024


Maintaining a well-groomed lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners.  However, maintaining it can be time-consuming and tiring. A lawn mower is an efficient solution to this problem, making lawn care easy and hassle-free. Well, traditional gas-powered lawn mowers can be noisy, polluting, and difficult to maintain. That's where electric lawn mowers come in as a more environmentally friendly and convenient option. An electric lawn mower is powered by electricity, either from a corded source or rechargeable batteries, making it a quieter and cleaner alternative. 

There are several types of electric lawn mowers available in the market, each with their unique features and specifications. Amazon India offers a wide range of electric lawn mowers, making it easier than ever to find the right one for your needs. In this buying guide, BestBaba’s team will try to cover everything you need to know to choose the best electric lawn mower for your lawn. Choosing the best one among multiple options can be a daunting task for you so this buying guide from BestBaba will provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an electric lawn mower in India. BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the 10 best electric lawn mowers available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



Type of mower: Electric mowers are available in two main types - corded and cordless. Corded mowers offer more power and continuous run time, while cordless mowers offer more mobility and convenience.

Cutting width: The cutting width of the mower determines how much grass it can cut in a single pass. For larger lawns, a wider cutting width is preferable to minimise mowing time.

Power source: Corded mowers require a power source, while cordless mowers come with rechargeable batteries. Consider the size of your lawn and whether you have an easily accessible power source before choosing.

Cutting height adjustment: Look for a mower with multiple cutting height settings to adjust the blade to the desired height for a neat and uniform cut.

Grass disposal: Electric mowers come with different grass disposal options, such as bagging, mulching, or side discharge. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and lawn care needs.

Durability and maintenance: You can check for features like sturdy construction, rust-resistant materials, and ease of maintenance to ensure your mower lasts for years to come.




The Gardena 05034-20 Electric Lawnmower PowerMax 1400/34" is a high-performance lawn mower designed to make lawn care easy and efficient. With a powerful 1400 W motor and a cutting width of 34 cm, this electric lawn mower can handle even the toughest mowing jobs. The mower features a durable, rust-resistant design with a sturdy, steel cutting deck and large wheels for easy manoeuvrability. It also has six different cutting height settings, allowing you to adjust the blade to the desired height for a precise and even cut. This electric lawn mower comes equipped with a 40-litre grass catcher bag, allowing you to easily collect and dispose of grass clippings. The mower also features a convenient QuickFit Plus system for easy assembly and disassembly of the grass catcher, making it easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the handlebar can be adjusted to three different heights to provide maximum comfort during use.


The Makita ELM3720 Electric Lawn Mower is a powerful and efficient lawn mower designed for easy and convenient lawn care. With a 1400 Watt motor and a cutting width of 370mm (14-1/2 inches), this electric lawn mower can handle small to medium-sized lawns with ease. The mower features a durable and lightweight design, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. The Makita ELM3720 Electric Lawn Mower offers six different cutting height adjustments, allowing you to easily adjust the blade to the desired height for a precise and even cut. It also features a convenient grass catcher bag that can hold up to 40 litres of grass clippings, making it easy to dispose of them after mowing. This electric lawn mower has a number of user-friendly features, such as a soft-grip handlebar for added comfort during use and a foldable design for easy storage. The mower also has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting and an electric brake to quickly stop the blade when the mower is turned off.


A corded electric lawn mower requires an electrical outlet and a power cord to operate, while a cordless electric lawn mower operates on rechargeable batteries. Cordless mowers offer more mobility and convenience, while corded mowers offer more power and continuous runtime.

Electric lawn mowers can be used in damp grass, but it is not recommended to use them in wet grass as this can damage the motor and cause safety hazards.

The cutting height range of electric lawn mowers typically ranges from 20mm to 80mm, depending on the model.

The lifespan of an electric lawn mower depends on the model and frequency of use. Generally, electric lawn mowers last around 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance.

To maintain your electric lawn mower, you should regularly clean the blade and deck after use, sharpen the blade when necessary, check the battery and charging system (if cordless), and inspect the power cord for any damage (if corded).

Yes, electric lawn mowers are generally quieter than gas-powered mowers, making them a more neighbourhood-friendly option.



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