10 Best Ceiling Fans of April 2024


A ceiling fan is one of the most important home appliances for summer. These fans are used in most of the houses because they are cheap in comparison to air coolers, air conditioners and also fit in everyone's budget. The starting price for ceiling fans ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. Various types of ceiling fans are available in the market, as technology is increasing, in the same way, ceiling fans are also developing. In today's era, smart ceiling fans are more popular, which come with remote control systems and inbuilt lighting. Ceiling fans also come in many sizes. Fans from 700 mm to 1600 mm are available in the market which you can choose based on the size of your rooms . The number of blades in ceiling fans ranges from 2-3 blades to 6-7 blades, the air delivery in 2-3 blade fans is not the same as in 6-7 blades. Here are some tips to help you to buy the right ceiling fan for your home. BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 ceiling fans available in the market on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



FAN SIZE: Before deciding the size of the ceiling fan, you need to keep the size of your room in mind, if your room size is up to 144 square feet then you should choose a 42 inch (1000 mm) fan, Large rooms of 225 square feet require 48 inches (1200 mm), For a 400 square foot room, look for a 54-inch (1400 mm) fan.

FAN SPEED RPM:  While purchasing ceiling fans, you must check the RPM (Rotations Per Minute) because the speed of the fan is known from the rpm itself, at what speed it runs per minute. Fans with a high speed run up to 400 RPM whereas fans with 300 RPM run at a slightly lower speed.

FAN BLADES: The best selling fans and best among ceiling fans are 3 blades fans that come with great airflow. The fan with 6-7 blades also gives good air delivery and looks good too.

FAN AIRFLOW CFM: The most important thing in a ceiling fan is the airflow of the fan because we only need a fan that has good airflow. To check the airflow of the fan, we do the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) check which measures the amount of air delivered by a ceiling fan. Fans with 4000-5000 CFM have good air delivery, if you want more than that then you can prefer fans up to 6000 CFM.

SMART FEATURES: Whenever you go to buy a smart ceiling fan, then you should definitely check its smart features like BLDC motors, Wi-Fi, or remote control and Inbuilt light. Choosing a ceiling fan with light is a matter of personal preference. If you plan to install the fan in a good natural light location, you can go for a ceiling fan without a light kit.




Crompton is the largest growing company in India and its Crompton Hill Bridge 1200 mm (48 in) high-speed ceiling fan is the most sold one in the market because it is the best air delivery fan in the 1200 mm range, and its power efficiency consumption is 75 W, speed ​​is 370 RPM, air delivery is 205 CMM. Its motor is 100% copper, and it is equipped with double ball bearings. 


Havells Andrea 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan is good in terms of looks and gives an exotic rich look with modern styling. Its air delivery is also the best which provides 220 cubic metres of air delivery. Its power consumption is 75 watts. Its high-speed performance is 390 rotations per minute. It brings fresh air to the maximum place in your room. It has good reviews in the market.


If your budget is a bit more then, you can go for a BLDC motor fan, in which Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan is good. The Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan is powered by BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) technology, which means they consume only 28 to 32 watts when running at the highest speeds. These fans run 3 times longer on an Inverter battery as compared to a normal fan and also come with LED lights. It comes with a remote control so that you can control its speed and can control many other features too like sleep mode, timer etc.



If your room size is Small then you should choose a 42 inch (1000 mm) fan, Large rooms require 48 inches (1200 mm), and if you need a ceiling fan for your big hall then choose 54-inch (1400 mm) fan

The fan with the longest blade has the highest efficiency and the fan with the shortest blade has the lowest efficiency.

If you are going to buy a ceiling fan, first of all, pay attention to its quality rating and CFM rating. Any fan that has a quality rating of 4 or 5 is perfect, and the CFM rating (cubic feet per minute) measures the effectiveness of a fan's airflow capabilities. Lastly, consider RPM which denotes wind speed!.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute (it is also referred to as airflow). Put simply, CFM is how much air a fan moves. Good CFM ranges from 4,000 to 5,000. Better ranges from 5,000 to 6,000. Best is over 6,000. The measurement is taken when the ceiling fan is at its highest speed and uses both the volume of air and the rate at which it moves.

RPM is called by which the speed of rotation of the fan is measured, it is called RPM or Rotation Per Minute. The higher theRPM, the faster the fan will spin and the faster it will give air.

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