10 Best CCTV Cameras of July 2024


In this busy world with a high rising crime percentage, CCTV cameras have turned into a need for everybody. Whether at your home or office, a good quality camera makes sure to help you in such countless ways. CCTV cameras are a one -time investment and give you benefits for many years. CCTVs have been upgraded in numerous ways to make their utilization better and have become much more compelling nowadays. With today's increased number of issues, CCTV has also become advanced with such great features like weather resistance, live talking, 2 way talk and sound-light alarm.

Whether it's about the safety of your children or the parents or you have to keep an eye on house help or the nanny, you can make yourself feel relaxed with the use of CCTVs as by doing this you can have access anywhere on your phone and can be sure about your loved one’s safety. It can send you alerts at the right time. CCTVs are now even have face mask recognition and they work 24*7 despite any type of weather outside. Whether you are looking for  the highest quality video resolution, or the easiest access to your camera feeds, or just the best value for money CCTV camera, BestBaba’s expert team has listed the top 10 CCTV Cameras available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings .



WHAT TO COVER : It may sound odd, but this is one of the major issues you face, as there are different rooms,areas and angles that need to be covered, and if you are sure about them, then it will make it easy to choose the best CCTV for you as per your requirements.

LENSE SIZE AND SENSOR : There are cameras available from 2.8 mm lens size to 12 mm lens size. You can purchase the small lens size camera, but then you have to compromise for the distant object visibility quality. So you should prefer to choose the large lens size cameras as they give you better visibility for everything and provide you with good quality videos. 

STORAGE : Most CCTV cameras have memory storage of 128 GB, so you can store a good amount of videos. When the storage gets full, new footage will record over the oldest footage first, so you may lose the old videos, if they are important to you, you can transfer them. Therefore always try to choose CCTV cameras with storage as per your need. 

ADDITIONAL FEATURES : Electronics gadgets are getting advanced day by day, most of the CCTV cameras have person detection, built-in alarm system, surveillance camera, cloud dvr, ip65 weather resistant, full hd streaming, two way talk, live remote monitoring, night vision and also works with alexa. So you should always be sure the features required by you are available in your chosen camera or not. 




TP-Link Tapo C100 is one of the most demanding CCTV cameras in the market, it provides you high- resolution quality video with advanced night vision. It claims to be easy to set up and easy to manage. This CCTV camera also provides you with a sound and light alarm with two-way audio. With such great features, it comes in a budget of around Rs.2000 only.


MI 360° CCTV has the best quality camera with 360° camera support of 1080P HD video quality. It comes with Intelligent AI camera system with motion detection, infrared vision , wifi support and MIcroSD support upto 64GB.This also comes with Talkback feature via its built-in microphones. If you are distant from your home you can connect with your loved ones through it.


As mentioned in the name, Realme 360° CCTV camera comes with 360° angle support with panoramic vision.This security camera comes with some extra features like built-in Wifi extender & alexa enabled. It has salient features like AI real time motion detection, talkback feature, Infrared night vision and upto 128GB storage support which every security camera should have.



Basically Wireless cameras are best due to being less invasive. It doesn’t require any wires so your home doesn’t need to be drilled etc. You can even wirelessly live stream the feed of your camera.

Yes you can set up your CCTV camera without the internet as well by just putting the MicroSD card and it will store the recording there. But it's better if you connect to the internet you can access live feed through your mobile from anywhere.

Yes, you can. All home security cameras come with easy installation setup,
you will even get an installation guide included with it.

You can get great CCTV cameras in the range of Rs.2000 to Rs.5000. Depending on the features, lens size and storage prices vary. 

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