10 Best BP Monitors of June 2024


Nowadays hypertension, high or low blood pressure has become a common health issue in almost every household. A research conducted by Cardiological society of India in 2018 says that there is a patient in every 5 to 6 adults suffering from hypertension. And If any of our family members suffer from hypertension we must acknowledge the exact condition of health by measuring blood pressure frequently. To do this task on time at our home an automatic BP monitor comes into the picture. A BP monitor or Blood Pressure monitor is a device which is used for measuring blood pressure. Having it at our home we could easily monitor blood pressure anytime to keep records that can help us and our doctor on tracking the treatment status and improvising it according to condition. It becomes a big contributor in this field to prevent heart failure and heart attack. There are 2 types of BP monitors named Automatic & manual which is also known as sphygmomanometer. Manual BP monitors come with a cuff that can be inflated with air, a bulb to pump air that creates pressure, and a measuring unit called a manometer. It also required a stethoscope for listening to the blood flow through the major artery found in your upper arm. It needs to operate manually so it should be practiced by professionals only. Where the Automatic BP monitors are easy to use and can be practiced by anybody easily at home. It automatically inflates the cuff by a single push of a button & measures blood pressure within minutes and it has a digital display where you can see the result. 

There are multiple options for BP monitors available in the market. To help you find the best  ones available online BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted top 10 BP monitors on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback & ratings.



OPERATIONAL TECHNIQUES: We should look for a fully automatic BP monitor which can be operated by the single push of a button. Try to consider the ones that come with auto power on/off and low battery indication with automatic irregular heartbeat detection technology. 

CUFF SIZE: Another important fact must be noticed is cuff size while buying that it will fit the circumference of our upper arm or wrist properly. BP Monitors come with a range of Cuff i.e; 22 cm to 32 cm arm circumference. If your arm circumference is more you will have to buy a wide cuff i.e; 22 cm to 42 cm arm circumference separately.

RESULT ACCURACY: It should offer accurate & reliable results either it’s systolic BP, diastolic BP or pulse rate. 

RECORDING MEMORY: Many BP monitors are equipped with recording functionality which is very useful for keeping records of previous readings and it can be shared with your doctor or physician for treating & changing your lifestyle. Some of them can store the reading of multiple people which makes it easy to monitor if we have 2 or more persons with hypertension issues.

LCD DISPLAY: There should be a large LED display where we could easily see all the reading whether our BP is normal, moderate or high.

POWER CONSUMPTIONS: Digital BP monitors need power to operate that can be provided by USB port, adaptor or alkaline batteries. We should consider a battery operated one because it can be used anytime anywhere without any need of external power source. 

MONITORS TO LINK WITH IOS OR ANDROID: It will be a very good choice if BP monitors have smart features and can be connected with mobile through app. It will make it easy to keep recording & track the readings.




Omron is one of the top selling brands in terms of health gadgets. They manufacture top quality fully automatic BP monitors that allow you to get precise measurements and accurate results. These devices come with ideal Cuff size that fits to your arm circumference and it’s advanced IntelliSense technology doesn’t need pressure pre-setting or re-inflation which gives you comfortable controlled inflation. It also detects irregular heartbeat along with blood pressure. They also give 3 years warranty and lifetime support provided by omron. It also detects body movements during measurement and indicates them to the user by blinking the error symbol. It comes with multi feature indicators and they blink if any error occured. It’s hypertension indicator detects if the blood pressure is outside of the normal range. They are mainly designed for general household use which makes it easy to operate by anybody.


Dr. Morepen offers fully automatic BP monitors designed with most advanced features which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the oscillometric method of measuring. It comes with a multi-user Interface feature which allows you to store the reading of 2 members at once so we don’t need to worry if we have 2 members in a family with hypertension issues. It comes with high-low indicators that let us know if blood pressure is out of the normal range. They have inbuilt memory that can store upto 120 measurement readings which may be helpful for monitoring & monetizing our treatments & daily lifestyle by showing it to our Doctors. 


While we look for medical gadgets Dr trust is the brand which comes to mind at once. They manufacture every piece of equipment with the most advanced technology. Dr. Trust BP monitors are smart & easiest to use as they have dual talking guidance (Hindi & English) or mute modes. It has USB port connectivity and supports multiple peripheral USB devices and can work with 4AA batteries which makes it easy to use anywhere anytime. It's a multipurpose device that takes accurate measurement of your systolic + diastolic BP & pulse irregularities + heart rate. They are built with top quality display which indicates everything accurately, extra large Cuff size that can be fitted in every arm circumference easily. It comes with multi users facility & memory that can keep records of upto 120 readings.  


BP Monitor’s price may vary between 800 to 10000 which depends on brands, inbuilt features & technology. To use in a household one may consider buying a digital BP machine within the range of 900 to 3000. 

To measure blood pressure, doctors use a BP machine which is also called a sphygmomanometer which is also referred to as a blood pressure cuff. There are two types, one is digital BP monitors which work automatically with a single push off button and the second is a manual BP monitor which can be used by professionals.

If you are right hander then it should be Left arm to monitor Blood pressure however you can use in any hand as per directed by your doctor. You must rest 5-10 minutes before measuring to get accurate results & there should be a gap of 2-3 minutes in between next measurement to get another reading. 

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