10 Best Biometric Attendance Machines of April 2024


As we all know, collecting attendance records or any data of multiple members is not such an easy task.  If you are looking for a biometric based attendance machine to monitor the data of all the employees in your company or organisation then you must know about the features and functions of this machine. Earlier RFID tags were used to monitor & track attendance of employees,but the RFID enabled identity cards have one major drawback of buddy punching by another colleague and it was difficult for employees also to carry their ID cards all the time.  Nowadays biometric machines are available with facial recognition as well as with fingerprint scanners. This machine can scan employee’s fingerprints and can record all the necessary data needed so easily.

There are multiple options for biometric attendance machines available in the market. Choosing the best among them can not be so easy for anyone. Therefore, BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the top 10 biometric attendance machines featuring best features, available online on the basis of thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings. 



DEVICE CAPACITY: Before buying any biometric machine you must be very clear about the capacity you need as per the number of employees you have. It will be better to go for a device that has much more user capacity than your requirement so that your  device will be fast in identifying employees, and you will have room for new employees for a long run.

TYPE OF DEVICE: Biometrics generally relies on the use of unique physical traits such as a fingerprint, palmprints, iris pattern, or facial characteristics to identify an employee. Before choosing any of biometric devices you must be sure about which characteristic you need for identification purposes.

CONNECTIVITY: Always look for the availability of various modes of connectivity between device and server i.e; internet, mobile network, wired LAN, WiFi and USB. 

MOBILE APP SUPPORT: You should choose the device which offers its mobile app too so that you can manage and monitor your data or records seamlessly.

PORTS: You should choose a device with  USB ports to copy data from the device manually if other modes of communication fail and  to copy face/fingerprint/rfid templates from one device to another.




Time Office brand provides high-quality and durable face recognition devices. You can track attendance of employees with this touch-less face attendance device very easily. This device is capable of storing 1000 faces, 5000 fingerprints, cards and passwords of users with 3,00,000 transaction capacity. It maintains hygiene because there is no need to touch and mark the attendance. It comes with 3 types of Communication methods i.e; USB Port, TCP/IP(LAN) and Wi-Fi. This device identifies any face, fingerprint or card in less than one second and can work with desktop based software as well as cloud attendance software. You can monitor attendance data on mobile apps also.


By using this device employee’s information can be redacted in excel format. Also it is standard with USB host and USB client, small shape design, especially with 2.8 inches TFT display, vivid interface for fingerprint image quality and verification result etc. It comes with a smart shape design, easy setting and with 2.8 inches TFT display and provides less energy consumption. Compared with the traditional display, TFT display makes the picture quality higher and the display effect better. You can download/upload data via USB from fingerprint time attendance to computer, helping users to save time in some repeated registrations. You can download data through USB Key and then analyse them on your computer which will be convenient. The time attendance supports 500 users which will meet your needs for a large number of personnel management. You can have an easy data setting process through the keypad. It also supports fingerprint identification, safe and convenient because you do not have to wait such a long time. No other complicated software needed and extra long-term licence fee. It has built-in software which enables you to set shift /upload users’ information/download reports via USB flash drive in excel format. It will definitely save your time and efforts which will raise working efficiency.



A biometric attendance machine is a device which is used to verify the identity of a person. The characteristics used to identify a person include fingerprint, palmprints, iris pattern, or facial characteristics etc.

Yes you can definitely achieve it at server level. If you have access to the fingerprint scanner of the device then you can get the fingerprint address/code of the user which can be stored on your server.


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