10 Best Air Fryers of May 2024


Who doesn’t love eating fried food? After all, it’s so tasty, but it is also well known that oil directly can cause numerous health issues. So, should you quit craving for fried items? Well, it's not that easy, most of us are not able to do that. Hardly 1-2% of people are that determined. Well, there’s no need to stop craving  for your favourite fried food and the key to perfection is in superheated air that encircles your food, allowing it to cook thoroughly and evenly so this can be done very easily by using air fryers. The BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted top 10 air fryers with great technology and comfortable prices, available in the market on the basis of thousands of customers' reviews, feedback and ratings.You won’t believe how amazing they work for your craving.



  • CAPACITY: The essential considerations include finding an air fryer large enough for your needs and with intuitive controls that allow the unit to be flexible in its cooking tasks.
  • FEATURES: Most of the air fryers use very small amounts of oil to cook the food, but some health-conscious consumers might opt for a completely oil-free fryer. So you can go for multipurpose air fryers as  these air fryers can cook two or more types of food at once. Other features you might be interested in include digital programmable settings, rapid-cook technology, and nonstick surfaces. An air fryer should automatically switch off itself on basket removal.
  • FRYING BASKET: The frying basket is the part of an air fryer where we place food for cooking. It must  have a handle that remains cool to the touch so it will always be safe to remove from the unit for checking or serving food. It should be made of stainless steel with a nonstick interior coating. 
  • CUSTOMER REVIEWS: You should always look for good reviews and ratings of customers while purchasing an air fryer. Well, we have made this job easy for you as the BestBaba’s team has ranked 10 best air fryers by considering thousands of customer reviews available online as well as offline. 
  • WARRANTY & ENERGY CONSUMPTION: You should always consider those brands which are offering a sufficient warranty period. Always look for the power consumption ratings before choosing the final product.

Additionally, you can prefer a model that is easy to clean and offers the option of cooking multiple foods at once. A number of manufacturers have fine-tuned their air fryers, allowing you to create a wide array of culinary wonders.




Philips Airfryer HD9200/90 (4.1 Ltr) with Rapid Air technology, lets you grill, bake, roast & even reheat your favourite dishes. You can cook yummy food to crispy perfection with up to 90% less fat. It has a 30 minutes timer with auto off, temperature control up to 200 °C, 1.8 m cord length for easy manoeuvrability. This air fryer not just fries, but also can make aloo tikkis, roast chicken, grilled vegetables, chocolate cakes and many more dishes.


Inalsa air fryers fulfil your instant cravings, with 1400w of power. This air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes and cooks food faster than a conventional oven so by using this  you can save money at the same time as cutting down your calories. For your safety, this appliance automatically switches off itself on basket removal. Over-heat protection has also been provided to protect against sudden overloads. Inalsa provides you budget friendly air fryers in the range of 4-6K. 


Havells air fryers feature a sleek design that not only makes it compact and user-friendly but also adds to the decor of the kitchen. Air fryers from this brand are equipped with amazing rapid air technology. This technology enables the fryer to do its job in a very less period of time. It comes with good temperature control, an auto on-off system, and heat-resistant handle. These air fryers have an air filtration system that helps in cleaning these appliances with ease.


Yes. Air fryers can allow you to cook your food thoroughly and evenly in very less amount of oil so that you can choose a healthy lifestyle. The results are much better than oven-frying, and it makes your kitchen cool.


Cheap quality air fryers can produce high temperatures at a very rapid rate, thus it can burn your food. 


No, the amount of electricity that an air fryer consumes is relatively low. This is in comparison to the traditional oven, deep fryer, and microwave. Most air fryers that are currently available in the market (Philips, Havells, Inalsa) use energy in the average measure of 1500 watts.

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