10 Best Air Coolers of June 2024


Are you trying to battle with excessive heat in the summer season? When we search for an answer which is affordable, cost-effective regarding long-term use and also compelling, then an Air Cooler comes first. An Air cooler is a popular home appliance that cools the heated air passing through it, which helps in maintaining the coolness of the room, offices, small or large halls etc. A cooler operates on the principle of evaporation cooling where evaporation of water is utilized to cool the air. Air coolers are fitted with cooling cushions which are kept cool by the pneumatic lines, thus it helps in cooling the air going through it. Air coolers have some major components which are a water tank to store water that helps in keeping air cool, Fan that blows the air outside & Filters which helps in keeping dust & pollutants out of the coolers. 

Desert air coolers, Personal air coolers, Tower air coolers & Window air coolers are the 4 types of coolers which can be bought according to our space & requirements. Well, choosing the best option is quite difficult but to make it easy for you BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted top 10 Air coolers available online according to features, thousands of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



Water Tank Capacity: A cooler's water tank capacity can vary between 7liter upto 100+ liter. It should be selected according to our room, hall or office area. For example a cooler with 50 liters tank is enough for a room of 400 sq ft area and 36 liters capacity is Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft.. 

Cooling pads: It should have advanced honeycomb pads with high density so it can provide superior cooling for a longer period. It's the most important component that helps in keeping cool inside a cooler area.

Air Flow Capacity: It should be chosen according to the area of our bedroom, hall or office space. Air Flow capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) which can vary in different ranges of coolers. 

Inverter Compatibility: It will be very good if a cooler is Inverter Compatible so you can enjoy continuous air cooling and it will consume less power and will be economical as well. So always try to prefer an inverter compatible cooler while buying.

Humidity Controller: Because it operates on the principle of vaporization, the only major side effect with a cooler is that it creates humidity inside the room that can cause uncomfort in breathing. That’s why we must look for good humidity controller technology in an air cooler so it can provide fresh & hygienic air. 

Ice Chamber: There should be an ice chamber in an Air Cooler to keep our room chilled for a longer time.

Air Deflection System: There should be a multi directional air deflection system to keep air flowing over all directions of the room and it should also be adjustable to get air flow in a specific direction according to our comfort and need.

Speed controller & Timer Setting: There should be an automated & manual speed controller system so we can adjust air flow & room cooling according to our room temperature. We should also look for a timer setting so we can adjust the timing of Cooler On & Off to sleep and relax at night. 

Remote Control System: We can also choose a modern air cooler which comes with a remote control system that makes it easy to operate. So by opting this option we can comfortably control air flow & coolness according to our need from our bed.




When it comes to home appliance brands, Bajaj passed all the expectations either it’s built quality, features or after sale services. Bajaj PX 97 is Personal Air Cooler which comes with 36 liter water tank capacity and ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft.. It has a castor wheel which makes it’s mobility easy. There is a 3 way speed control system, four way air deflection and it has a powerful air throw of 70 feet to cover a good distance and it helps in delivering air in every corner of the room.


Crompton is a high performance desert air cooler with 55 L water tank capacity, 4250 CMH air delivery with air throw upto 50 ft which makes it powerful enough to chill the room of upto 550 sq. ft. area. It has separate ice chambers that help in providing instant chilled air for a much longer time. There is a 4-way air deflection system to provide air flow in every corner of the room with honeycomb cooling pad for improved water retention. Cromton air cooler is engineered with a motor overload protector that guarantees solidness and longer engine life while keeping it safe from overheating. 


Symphony storm desert cooler comes with 70 liter large water tank capacity with 3 side honeycomb pads and multi layer filtration system such as dust filter, smell, allergy & bacteria filters. It is designed to use less electric power as it runs on an operating cost of a fan. It is equipped with a cool flow dispenser which distributes water evenly for better cooling.


AC works on circulating air available inside the room and makes it dry that can cause difficulties in breathing, whereas an Air cooler pulls fresh air from outside of the window, cools it and blows it inside the room. Air cooler is cheaper & economical to operate than AC. 

Excess use of air coolers can cause breathing difficulties because it works on the process of vaporization so it contains humidity in the air. Additional mugginess in the air can establish a microscopic organisms living climate which is risky for wellbeing so it must be cleaned timely. It also affects the immune system. 

Yes, Of Course! An air cooler can be used without water by just choosing Fan option only. You can stop the water pump by pushing a control bottom built in it and let the fan do it’s work. It will give you cooler air than a normal fan but not as cool as operating with water.

You can use your air cooler in a closed room by switching off its water pump and letting it operate just like a pedestal fan. It needs fresh air to provide efficient cooling and it is not advisable to use a water pump in a closed room.

No, It does not consume electricity anywhere near to AC, actually it can operate in less than 20% power than an AC does. That's why a cooler is an economical & budget friendly option.

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