10 Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves of May 2024


These days a gas stove is present in every modern household, this is where you cook much of your food. Buying a gas stove for your kitchen is an important decision as it is a long-term decision with high utility. You not only have to look for the model, finish and design but also the functionality of the gas stove is important. Over the years, gas stoves have undergone a huge change. In the old days only single and double burner stoves were available in the market but now they started to come with  3 or 4 burners too.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of models available in the market having 2, 3 and 4 burner cooktops but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. So BestBaba’s expert team has shortlisted the 10 best gas stoves in every category (with some important features) available online on the basis of customers’ reviews, feedback and ratings.



SIZE & NUMBER OF BURNERS: The first step you need to keep in mind is to decide the size of the gas stove you need to place in your kitchen. There are a variety of models having 2, 3 and 4 burner cooktops. So first you need to measure your kitchen’s slab where you will place the gas stove and then decide on the size of the gas stove based on the available space for placing it. If you have medium or large sized space you can go with the model having 3 or 4 burners.

MATERIAL, FINISH & COLOUR:  While purchasing the final one you should prefer the material used like, full stainless steel, frame SS, top toughened glass or frame black and top Glass. 

TYPES & MATERIAL OF BURNER: With the advancement in technology, the gas stove burners have also started to come in various types i.e; Brass burners, Aluminium burners, Alloy burners, Forged Brass burners etc. The high-quality burner gives safe & time-saving cooking experience with consistent flames. Brass burners come with better finishing and durability as compared to other ones.

IGNITION TYPES: There are basically two types of ignition available: Manual & Automatic. To save from the hassles of using lighter or matchsticks, you can go with automatic ignition cooktop models.

KNOBS: Different gas stoves come with different material knobs that allow ease of operation. Before finalising anyone you should make sure they are made of good quality material for better usage and long life.

DRIP TRAY & PAN SUPPORTS: Always look for the gas stoves having drip trays around the burners. These ensure hassle-free cleaning of the spilled foods and liquids. Keep it in mind that the cooktop must have sturdy pan supports to accommodate heavy utensils.

INSTALLATION: If there is an availability of PNG in your home then you must check for the gas stove having compatibility of pipeline connection. Normally the cooktops come in accordance with the LPG setup.

ISI MARK:  You can prefer to select the models which are approved by BIS and have ISI logo on the product for getting connection of LPG without any hassle.




This gas stove is an elegant product that gives you great value for money. Designed to make cooking convenient, efficient and safe, this gas stove is engineered to avoid any gas leakage. It’s equipped with burners made of premium quality. The burners are also designed in a way to enhance even distribution of the flame and heat. The ignition system ensures easy functioning by generating precision flame control and safe usage of the gas stove. It comes with  pan-support features. The purpose of these supports is to provide ample support at the base of the pan such that they maintain their balance on the stove and do not fall off easily. The Lifelong 4 burner gas stoves anti-skid feet ensure the gas stove remains stationary even when excess force or pressure is applied. This gas stove has a 6mm thick, toughened glass with a jazzed look that sets it apart. The burner has a 360 degree swivel gas inlet pipe on the back side of the stove for convenience. The Lifelong 3 burner gas stove can be cleaned very easily, simply by using a wet cloth. ISI certification — making it a trustworthy investment for all households. 


This elegant glass cooktop comes in an ultra-stylish and smart design that looks incredibly gorgeous and makes it look very graceful and stylish for every top-quality kitchen. Comes with ergonomic and safe-handling knobs for additional beauty & safety. The conveniently placed knobs grants easy and quick access. The smooth and sturdy grip goes easy on the fingers. Attached 4 high quality brass burners, 2 small and 2 large, the burners are especially designed to provide consistent flames for an overall safe & less time consuming user experience. This is a manual gas stove. You will need a lighter or match stick to light the flame. This innovative cooktop is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Before choosing a gas stove for your kitchen you should consider some points discussed by BestBaba’s team on its site i.e; size & number of burners, types of materials used, ignition type, knobs and installation etc.

While brass ones are more expensive than aluminium burners, brass retains heat more efficiently and offers more features. Brass burners spread heat more evenly. They are also more resistant to stains or grime than aluminium burners. So brass burners are better than aluminium burners.

When it comes to heat distribution, the glass top gas stoves work better than other types. They have a sealed compartment so they can better distribute heat and cold. The top glass layer is also resistant to heat so it adds as a good safety element.





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